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Currency Exchange Rate Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Currency Exchange Rate - Essay Example The exchange rate of a currency is: is fixed, i.e. constant relative to a base currency (usually the US dollar or the euro), by decision of the State issuing that currency. The rate then can only be modified by a decision of devaluation (or revaluation) of that State. A State may not, however, decide to adopt any exchange rate of its currency. If this exchange rate fixed at too high or too low, the exchange rate will be "attacked" in the foreign exchange market. If the monetary authorities are unable to cope (with their foreign exchange reserves), they will change their parity; is floating and determined for each transaction by the balance between supply and demand in the foreign exchange markets. This is an interbank market worldwide currencies, less centralized on specific places of quotation and trade, as based on computer links between banks. The exchange rate is: or a spot price, that is to say "spot" for immediate purchases and sales of foreign currency. In general, the currenc y delivery time is 2 working days during the working days and it may exceed that period if the delivery must be made during the holidays; either a course forward, that is to say "Forward", to exchange transactions at a future due date (the delivery is not made immediately). The mission is to manage risk. It is an agreement to fix today the price at which it will buy / sell currency futures.Exchange rates vary widely during the same day, these variations cannot be explained by the theory of purchasing power parity (PPP).

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Business to Business Markets Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Business to Business Markets - Essay Example In the case of business-to-business, a manufacturer offers more attention to the requirements and demands of the wholesalers or retailers so as to retain its image and reputation in the market. Apart from this, in order to enhance its profitability and image in the market, a wholesaler needs to understand and identify all the changing requirements and preferences of the retailers or customers. This might facilitate the wholesaler to enhance its reliability and consistency within the minds of the customers thereby amplifying its profit margin and total revenue as well. Along with this, it might also amplify help an organization or a wholesaler to develop a good relationship with its customers or retailers thereby reducing its business risks. So, implementation of such a technique is extremely effective for any business enterprise or wholesaler to retain its portfolio in the market in future days (Christensen, 2003).  Moreover, it might help the wholesaler to enhance its position and dependency within the minds of the retailers and customers that may boost its portfolio in the market among others. For example: if a retailer or customer offers more concentration over the orange juices without pulps, then the wholesaler might place both pulpy as well as non-pulpy juices within his outlets. Only then, all the attributes or desires of the customers or retailers are offered equal weight-age so that the rate of switchover may be lowered as described by a non-compensatory model of marketing. Such a tactic is used to attract a wide range of customers or retailers towards the wholesaler thereby amplifying its market share and popularity among other rival players.

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Republican demise Essay Example for Free

Republican demise Essay Saddam is fairly sure about his future at the end of this one-sided trial in Baghdad. He would most likely meet an end rightly deserved by a cruel perpetrator against humanity. None of us is immune to fear, pain and loss. But to suffer the fate of an uncertain future could be worse than any of these feelings. From this point of view, George Bush, assured of Republican demise, Tony Blair, assured of his exit and Saddam Hussein, are all on the same boat; certain of their fate. The biggest sufferers of the war in Iraq, are no doubt the Iraqis, suffering the most gruesome bloodshed that mankind has witnessed in recent times. To classify the next category of sufferers are the people who follow Islam. Iraq war has resulted in stereotyping the collaborators and extremists and has led Muslims in the Middle East to feel that it’s a war against their community. Due to the cascading effect that travels in communities and religions, the Muslims in most of the other countries also share this view. Unfortunately, the inability to locate the so-called â€Å"weapons of mass destruction† has also cast a serious doubt on the intentions of USA and UK in the minds of millions residing in their own countries. Now, many of us can relate to the uncertainty sneaking in the minds of people who had to commute on the morning of 8th July 2005 or 12th September 2001. Our government has done its best to gift unscathed tentativeness to British citizens. To foresee a natural calamity is definitely not expected from our leaders. But to invent a manmade catastrophe is also not what we deserve. In order to be socially responsible and contribute in preserving human rights, Britain has to contribute in the current World order. We cannot ignore the atrocities inflicted on mankind especially when we have the capacity to affect the situation. However, to bully a bully is also not a sensible stance. Let us analyze the pretext of going into this war as claimed in a dossier presented in the British parliament on 24th September 2002. The central points of Blair’s defense for offense were Iraqi regime’s program to develop nuclear, biological, chemical weapons of mass destruction. Aiding, funding and supporting groups like Al Qaida by this regime. He argued that Saddam has brutalized his own people using chemical warfare, so far the only blame that could be substantiated after dethroning the dictator. After explaining the threat posed to the region by the Iraqi regime, he lamented I am quite clear that Saddam will go to extreme lengths, indeed has already done so, to hide these weapons and avoid giving them up. Where are those weapons of mass destruction now? Another losing battle is on the economic front. It is clear that the total cost of operations in Iraq is quickly exceeding previous estimates, and is now well over the ? 3 billion originally set aside by the Chancellor to fund the conflict. Rough estimates suggest that as much as an extra ? 1 billion will be required for each further year UK forces remain in Iraq. Perhaps as important as the rising costs themselves is the lack of transparency about where the money is going, and how much more will be needed in the future. The Iraq Analysis Group calls on the future government to clarify the costs of war in terms of size and expenditure type, and how they are being met. In the meantime, we will update this briefing as further information becomes available. It seems that the British government had detailed plans of â€Å"how to go in? † but never planned or foresaw on â€Å"how and when to come out? † Reluctantly enough, people of Great Britain stood by their elected leaders and the choices they made at the time of going into this war. The imminent dangers painted on our minds with repetitive citations on terror, terrorist attacks, axis of evil, tyrannical regime etc, were potent enough for us to believe that we are going to fight for peace. (Oliver King and Paul Hamilos, 2006). The UN was shoved aside, French, German and Russian representatives were simply ignored. Ironically, these nations are geographically and diplomatically a lot close to United Kingdom than Iraq. Somehow, British decision to act as the drum beater for this war, has also led the world to believe that commitment of our conscience is mortgaged to the USA. With his efforts, Blair successfully blurred the identity of our nation. Most of the media in the Middle East now cite UK and USA in the same breath, especially in context of the Iraq war. USA had suffered an indelible blow on 9/11. And we suffered a seemingly low scale trailer on 7/7, primarily due our policies on Iraq. A common view point held by world leaders is that the use of force can never be justified unless all other means of negotiation fail. UN inspectors on Iraq’s weapon program had certainly failed in their job as they were neither supported nor shown any cooperation by the Iraqi regime. The report from the chief UN inspector fortified the rhetoric from George Bush who went to label Saddam’s tactics as a charade. (George Bush, 2003). In such circumstances and in those times when most of the nations were made to believe that what’s going on in Iraq is dangerous for humanity, use of armed action certainly seemed feasible. A dictator, who could kill his own people, can very well drop a bomb on neighboring countries. The dangers and ease of spreading Anthrax as a biological weapon could not be taken as anything less than a grave concern. Just one push of a button could have caused irreparable and unrecoverable destruction. Faced with such a situation, UK’s stance on supporting USA is acceptable. To wait for Saddam to light a fuse for such havoc would have reduced most of the world leaders to a laughing stock, only if few of them would survive to be mocked at. Pre-emptive strike, as popularized by the US media, earns a lot of credibility in this context. Britain, or as a matter of fact any other nation, would react with utter might in order to prevent this. And if the countries surrounding Iraq are themselves grasping for survival and development, the onus does fall on developed nations to resolve the stalemate. Negotiations since 1995 were not bearing any fruits other than letting Saddam to build a black economy of earning billions despite the sanctions imposed on Iraq. Worse, none of this money was used to feed the destitute or mitigating infant mortality. The dictator had built water-tight ways of siphoning money into his personal accounts. The discovery of vast amounts of money being utilized without any tab raised suspicions in the minds of the majority. This surely was a reason valid enough to strike. And there is evidence that Saddam utilized all these years to fool the international community. It will also be not entirely fair to say that Blair did not weigh the situation at all We waited 12 years and then went through the United Nations. It is now three months since we gave Saddam what we called a final opportunity. (BBC News, 2003)

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Agamemnon Essay -- essays research papers fc

Agamemnon Agamemnon is a confusing tale of the people that are waiting for the soldiers to get home from the Trojan war. Most of the play is the chorus singing about many of the things that happened during the war. The play also shows the disrespect the men had for women in that time period. In front of Agamemnon's palace, a watchman wishes his shift would end. He is tired and wants to sleep but he must stay awake. He awaits news from Queen Clytemnestra. The Chorus of Argive elders enters, singing of the war. They sing of the gods, asking for them to help them win the war, and of the great army. They anxiously await the news from the Queen. In the song, they tell how Agamemnon killed his child. He sacrificed his daughter to Apollo so that Apollo would make the winds blow for his armies ships. The chorus thinks that deed was horrible, but had to be done for the good of the country. The leader asks Clytemnestra if she's heard any news. He doesn't like being ruled by a woman and treats her somewhat rudely. He only listens to her because of his loyalty to his King. She tells the leader that the army has taken Troy. The leader is skeptical and asks her to repeat herself several times. The Queen gets angry and tells him she is not a "credulous girl." When the leader asks how Clytemnestra...

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Vacant Chapter 13 Forgive

So far I've cleaned the bathroom, the oven, the refrigerator and vacuumed – twice. It's after nine and Emily still hasn't shown up. I'm starting to think that her things are simply a mirage, or maybe she just didn't want to carry a lot of junk with her. Maybe she's staying with one of her school friends, and she didn't need her hygiene stuff. Maybe my earlier thought about what she would need to do for money wasn't that far off the mark. Maybe she's out doing something dangerous, or worse yet, something has already happened to her. There's no one but me to know she's missing. How long do I have to wait before I turn her in as a missing person? I know she has to be missing for at least twenty-four hours, but maybe she's already been gone for a couple days. Oh, God – what if she's hurt and lying somewhere. Maybe she only has minutes left and I can't get to her in time†¦ â€Å"Ow!† I hit my head on the bottom shelf of the linen closet, cleaning the dried and caked shampoo from the floor when the sound of the door closing startles me. â€Å"Emily?† I hope it's her. If it's not, I'm going to call the cops and lie and tell them she's been missing for days. I hear the slapping of tennis shoes against the linoleum, then a thud on the carpet. I turn and look down the hall to see a brown-haired beauty face down on the floor. â€Å"Emily? Are you okay?† I almost – almost – laugh when she looks up at me with her hair tangled in her face. â€Å"Ethan, it's you! It's really you!† She scrambles the rest of the way to me on her knees, spitting her hair out of her mouth and hugging me tighter than I can ever remember. Her smile is brighter than a sunny day at the equator. We settle on the couch, still holding on to each other. I can't seem to let go. I never want to let go. â€Å"Where have you been?† There doesn't seem to be any anger in her tone. How could she NOT be angry with me? I'm ashamed at my answer. â€Å"I drove. I didn't really go anywhere. I was just running away, Emily.† I hang my head, embarrassed that I don't even have a good reason for leaving her. â€Å"I know it won't make any difference now because you probably hate me, but I love you too, Emily. I have since†¦forever, and I'm sorry I waited so long to tell you. I should have said it to you a week ago instead of running away like the coward I am. But, I can't hold back any longer without you knowing how I feel about you. I've never been in love before, but I'm pretty sure this is what it feels like. I can't think about anything else but you – how you laugh, the way you comb your hair, the way you smell right after the shower†¦ God!† Something stops my rambling, something soft, warm and moist. Emily's lips are on mine and her arms are wrapped around my neck. She's kissing me, and I don't ever want her to stop. Her mouth on mine is awesome! And I think about other things I want her to do with her mouth. While there are a hundred synonyms for how kissing Emily feels, the only thing in my head the at the moment is â€Å"woo-hoo†. If I really think about what is actually happening, I'll make her stop. This is wrong – not the kissing part, but the part where she's willing to forgive all my sins and just take me back without a second thought. Now that I'm thinking about it†¦ Damn it! Now I'm mad. I pull away while her lips linger. â€Å"Emily,† I sigh, not really knowing where to start. â€Å"We have to talk about this,† I motion between us. She nods begrudgingly. It's written all over her face; she thinks I'm going to reject her again. â€Å"Look,† I pull her chin up so her eyes meet mine, â€Å"nothing will change my feelings for you. They haven't changed in the last few years, and they won't change in the next few, either. What I have to know, though, is how you are feeling.† She starts shaking her head, telling me not to worry, but that's precisely the problem. She should be angry with me. â€Å"Emily, you should be upset with me. Yell, scream, hit – anything to let me know how you feel!† I'm almost shouting near the end of my declaration. I pull back and get myself in check before I completely lose it. â€Å"Relieved.† â€Å"What?† It's a stupid question because I heard perfectly well what she said. It's a stall tactic on my part. â€Å"I'm relieved, Ethan.† â€Å"Why aren't you-â€Å" â€Å"Do you know how many people there have been in my life who I cared about or who cared about me?† I'm pretty sure I know the answer. I'm hoping it's two, but know for sure it's one – her mother – but I'm always careful not to bring up LouAnne. I just squeeze her hand, which I'm still holding onto like the piece of wood Leonardo DiCaprio was holding onto after his exit from the Titanic. â€Å"Two, Ethan. Two.† Now I'm relieved. â€Å"And one of them can't ever come back, but you did. You came back and I don't care where you went or what you did. You are here now, safe.† The tremble in her voice as she says, â€Å"what you did,† tells me she's a little scared of what – or who – I might have done, so I hope I'm about to put her fears to rest. â€Å"I just drove and slept in my car. I ate a few times, but honestly, Emily, the only thing I did was think about you and how much you mean to me. I was an asshole for leaving you. I didn't take your safety or well-being into account and for that, I'm sorry. You should be upset with me.† â€Å"I was scared, Ethan. At first, I thought maybe you were just blowing off some steam, off figuring out a way to tell me to leave, but when you didn't come home that first night or the next morning, I started to get worried. Then Margie came by and said you hadn't shown up for work.† So, this is how Margie knows about Emily. â€Å"I wasn't really sure how much she knew, but I could tell she was surprised to find me here. She was so nice though. I told her how highly you speak of her and how much we appreciated the deal she and her husband gave on the car. Then I lost myself for a little bit and told her about you surprising me and taking me to graduation.† Emily pauses and smiles, then looks down as if she's a little embarrassed. â€Å"It was nice to have a woman to talk to again. It reminded me a little of my mom.† Emily continues to tell me about Margie coming to the house. She said she cried for a little bit because she didn't know what to do, that she'd been relying on me for so long. She didn't know what she would do if I didn't come home. She also tells me how Margie asked her about a job and what she liked to do. It seems they went to the public library and Emily applied for a position. She can work there part-time and still go to school. Apparently, she works until closing and that's why she came home so late. Margie also got her a bus pass and rode with her the first time to make sure it was safe. There isn't a bouquet of flowers big enough for Margie right now.

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The Pesticide Called Atrazine Acts as an Endocrine...

The article reviewed in this summary is Hayes, T.B., Khoury, V., Narayan, A., Nazir, M., Park, A., Brown, T., Adame, L., Chan, E., Buchholz, D., Stueve, T., and Gallipeau, S. 2010. Atrazine induces complete feminization and chemical castration in male African clawed frogs (Xenopus laevis). Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107: 4612-4617. The authors have assigned key words described throughout this article including amphibian decline, endocrine disruption, pesticide and sex reversal. The larger or global context for the research conducted in this article is that the pesticide Atrazine is widely utilized across the entire world, contaminating water sources by mobilizing through rainfall, disrupting habitats and impacting†¦show more content†¦Spermatogenesis data was collected from five random testicular tubules as well as the largest tubule. DNA for sex determination was obtained from the prepared toe tips of the amphibians and aromatase samples were collected from the RNA removed from the gonads of atrazine induced females. The authors collected data on mating choice behavior from single and paired frogs of both male groups to ZW stock females placed in a pool together. Testosterone levels were obtained from the same paired and single males by taking centrifuged blood samples and extracting the plasma testosterone. Fertility data was collected by pairing controlled and atrazine exposed males with ZW stock females and gathering eggs and embryos from these matings. The data collected spans from hatching of the larvae until about two to three years after metamorphosis. For the morphometric measurements, statistical analyses were performed. The dilator larynges were examined by the proportion extended beyond the thiohyral in order to determine the significance of the length of the extension. The presence or absence of observable nuptial pads was analyzed, to determine it as a sex characteristic of males. Breeding glands were evaluated by considering the maximum area of the l argest gland which was then compared to the areas of other glands to observe the size differences between the control and atrazine treated males. Stages of spermatogenesis for the testis and tubules with and

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Cultural Diversity in Schools Essay examples - 1970 Words

Cultural Diversity in Schools EDCI 401 Name Here JANUARY 31,1997 Since early American history, schools, like society, have addressed cultural diversity in different ways. In the colonial days, some attempts to adjust to cultural differences were made in the New York colony, but the dominant American culture was the norm in the general public, as well as most of the schools. As America approached the nineteenth century, the need for a common culture was the basis for the educational forum. Formal public school instruction in cultural diversity was rare, and appreciation or celebration of minority or ethnic culture essentially was nonexistent in most schools. In the 1930s, the educators were in the progressive†¦show more content†¦The answer is clear: We must (Tamura, 24-25). Students need to understand that they are participating in many different networks. They are involved in social networks, not just ethnic or racial ones; however, their cultural background and experiences may indeed have an impact upon the nature of their participation in these other networks. Students also need to understand they are also individuals with talents, skills, strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes (Ryan, 27). A goal for all students, American born or not, is to develop cross-cultural acceptance, to have them develop strategies to work through their own prejudices and to sustain their own dignity when they become the targets of prejudice. We as teachers must work very hard to teach children to sustain and protect our democratic way of life and to build a world culture of human beings who resolve disputes in ways that protect the rights of all (Higuchi, 70-71). The curriculum at Madison is different than any other school I have been associated with. Mr. Warren and his staff base the curriculum on the needs of the students. As I have stated in my journal, the language arts is the area of study with the biggest deficits. Math, Spelling, and Reading are the main emphasis of the curriculum. I witnessed a one science lesson with the gifted students. Madison has made great strides to improve in the area of language arts, they have improved many studentsShow MoreRelatedCultural Diversity At Washington Elementary Sch ool883 Words   |  4 Pageshad to go to a local elementary school and take a walk around its neighborhood. I was told to observe cultural diversity, types of homes surrounding the school, and answer a variety of questions regarding the kinds of students that attend the school. I was originally a bit baffled by the kinds of questions on the sheet like are there any apartment buildings near by? or where do the children get food? I thought to myself Why do these things matter to a school? And then as I was going throughRead MoreCultural Diversity : An Important Component Of A School Essay1784 Words   |  8 PagesCelebrating cultural diversity is an extremely important component in a school. Having various students from different backgrounds and cultures is a common occurrence in many classrooms around the world. However, sometimes these children do not feel included or accepted and this makes it even more important to celebrate the diversity of the students (Roach, 2015). It is, th erefore, the teacher s responsibility to make these children feel even more accepted, because feeling isolated may be extremelyRead MoreThe Importance Of Teaching Schools With Cultural And Linguistic Diversity Essay1401 Words   |  6 Pagesteaching practice in schools when working with cultural and linguistic diversity. Initially this essay will draw together pedagogical foundations to show the importance for understanding how and why diversity is an issue that needs both personal and professional reflection. Examples of effective practice in three schools will be considered, Clover Park School, Richmond Road School and Finlayson Park School. Creating a learning environment that caters for diversity at Clover Park School involved usingRead MoreCultural Diversity At The California College Of Arts1234 Words   |  5 PagesRunning head: CULTURAL DIVERSITY 1 CULTURAL DIVERSITY 6 Cultural diversity Name Professors Name Institution Date Introduction Cultural diversity has impacted the American Society and studies as well. It is important to encourage students to explore the diversity of culture in America and also understand how culture has changed the landscape. The essence of studying diversity in culture is to help students understand the global community interrelations and how ethnicity, raceRead MoreA Letter From District Administrator1569 Words   |  7 PagesA Letter from District Administrator Greetings Parents, Staff, Students, and Community Members, Hazelwood School District is committed to providing an equitable education to our diverse learners with culturally responsive instruction. Through our commitment, we have formed a Strategic Diversity Planning team that consists of district and school administrators. The team reflected on the district mission, vision, student demographics, and performance data. Our extensive reflection revealed theRead MoreMulticultural Education Is A Method For Instruction That Values Diversity Within The Classroom1227 Words   |  5 PagesStates diversity will become progressively more reflected in our schools. In our school, students are becoming increasingly diverse, by assisting pupils to attaining knowledge, attitudes they need in order to become active citizens within our society. Teaching a group of diverse students from different backgrounds, ethnic, and other cultural groups in a school environment that supports diversity within a classroom setting incorporate teaching. More importantly, it is important that within schools teachersRead MoreUnit 204: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Work with Children and Young People Assignment 1816 Words   |  4 PagesEquality, diversity and inclusion in work with children and young people Assignment 1 Within a school, equality, diversity and inclusion is very important. It is their duty to make sure all children have equal access to the curriculum. Whether they are a different race, culture, gender or have a special need or disability, it is important that they are supported and have a right to participate and be treated equal; this is known as inclusion. As part of this it is important that schools and otherRead MoreCulture Has On The Process Of Learning And Teaching1382 Words   |  6 Pagesculture has on the process of learning and teaching. Santoro refers to Morgan and Slade who explore cultural learning tendencies and different views of knowledge, learning and teaching. For Indigenous people, it is suggested that they consider effective learning as being ‘contextual, interdependent, subjective and motivated by community commitment and obligation’ compared to non-Aboriginals where learning tends to be ‘fragmented and theoretical’ (Santoro, 2007). Thi s highlights the need for teachersRead MoreThe Classroom Environment Should Look And Feel Welcoming For All Children949 Words   |  4 Pages Diversity is what makes each person in a classroom different from each other, even though you could be the same color of the person sitting next you, does not mean you are the same. The classroom environment should look and feel welcoming for all children. So it can show the diversity of the world in which we live in. Children should be provided with essential information about who they are and what is important, making an effort for this to happen creates a setting that is rich in possibilitiesRead MoreTexas Schools and DIversity Essay1641 Words   |  7 PagesIn 2007-2008, Texas schools had a large ethnic distribution of students. Specifically, African American students made up 14.3% of the overall student population; the Hispanic student population was 47.2%; and 34.8% of the student population was White. The smallest groups represented included Native American and Asian/Pacific Islanders with Native American students and teachers representing only 0.3% of students (Texas Educa tion Agency, 2009). According to demographic projections, minority populations